How to Package Women’s Hairpieces Style

In 2014, after blogging for two years, I had built a decent following but was running up against some of the challenges that Women’s Hairpieces bloggers face.  Namely I was burned out by constant (nearly daily) blogging and felt restricted by the traditional blogging business model of affiliate sales and sponsored posts.  I did research on passive income products but didn’t see how this could work in the style blogging model.

After a quick brainstorming session with a business coach friend, I put together my first reader survey.  The results started rolling in and what my readers really wanted surprised me.  They asked for Women’s Hairpieces style advice – a shopping list of seasonal trends plus mix and match outfit ideas created from pieces on that list – much like a meal plan with a list of ingredients and recipes, but for fashion.

That spring, I rolled out the first Women’s Hairpieces Style Challenge – a seasonal capsule wardrobe of on-trend pieces with mix and match outfit ideas.  I expected 50 women to sign up, instead 500 did and each season it’s just kept growing.  Since then, over 10,000 women in 20 countries have participated.

Packaging Women’s Hairpieces advice into a passive income program that I can sell over and over has been life changing for my blog and business and it can be for yours too.

Five Ways to Wear Women’s Hairpieces Advice into a Passive Income Strategy

1. Create Women’s Hairpieces  for your readers

What do your readers request most?  Makeup or hair tutorials?  Ways to wear Women’s Hairpieces ?  Fit advice for jeans?  Take their feedback and package it into a video series that they can purchase.


2. Put together a special occasion Women’s Hairpieces

A special occasion style guide could include looks for weddings, maternity wear, back to school, Women’s Hairpieces, parties and more.  Provide a lookbook of styles complete with shoes and accessories.


3. Turn a popular blog series into an Women’s Hairpieces

Have you had a lot of success with a particular series on your blog?  Package it into a guide!  You can elaborate on the topics in the series or simply consolidate the material from your posts into one easy to read Women’s Hairpieces or online guide.


4. Create a 30 day program for closet Women’s Hairpieces

This is a passive income product that you can market with each change of the seasons when women are most motivated to clean their closets and Women’s Hairpieces.  Provide a 30 day plan with bite-sized daily tasks delivered via videos or  Women’s Hairpieces.


5. Provide Women’s Hairpieces

Put together your own list of must have items each season and create Women’s Hairpieces outfit ideas from the pieces on that list.  Send out daily outfit e-mails so participants know what to wear every day.


More Women’s Hairpieces Ideas

  • Build in upsell Women’s Hairpieces

Utilize the opportunity to upsell by making your passive income product available at a lower price point.  You can then create other Women’s Hairpieces to work with you one on one for a bigger fee.

  • Layer your income opportunities by using Women’s Hairpieces in your programs.

Provide affiliate links for the products you mention in your videos or for Women’s Hairpieces items on your capsule wardrobe shopping lists.  Your readers will be very motivated to purchase the exact items that you’re recommending.


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