How to make stylish dreadlock wigs for women



Clean up the dreadlock wigs for women

Journal News (reporter Miao Xueyan) recently, a reporter visited the market foundthat wig custom are rising today, dreadlock wigs for women are no longer compensate for hair suppliesalso become fashionable hair accessories match. Reporters found that in a number of shopping malls have also been consumers got up and consulting custom wig problem.


Cover all your hair though  dreadlock wigs for women

According to the reporter, dreadlock wigs for women are divided into hand, half handwoven products, handmade and time-consuming effort, so the prices are also more expensive. However, according to reporters, wig market now range in price from hundreds of thousands of more well-known brands price tens of thousands. Cats on the day, journalists found to have more than one brand of wigs, but the price difference is verybig, from dozens of Yuan, hundreds of thousands Yuan.


Hairstyle disrupted and spray hair spray on the dreadlock wigs for women

Insiders said that sufficient independent research and development capacity now because the wig industry, so the dreadlock wigs for women has become the main means of competition. Worth noting is that rise of wig industry made some brands began to expand the layout. Fluorescent lamps, Rebecca wig brands already established in the country of nearly 200 stores, comprehensively covering one or two cities, layouts, high-end wig market.

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