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Dreadlock Wigs for Women

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After a short hair sister paper were sometimes suddenly want to build on a flowing long hair, but the rate of hair growth is not simply eye on, people are very anxious, so that all want to put on some of the real hair wigs, hair wigs with these look is very nice, this time we do not buy a proof of your favorite hair wig hair, when you want to do hair styling.

Refreshing dew forehead full forehead girls hairstyle will perfectly revealed, then with fresh low-key natural hair color and form waist length real hair wigs styling fresh sweet gift to the wind.


Oblique fringe hair design to add a gentle temperament semicircular sense girls, brown hair and fashion trends temperament gift to the wind, and waist in the form of real hair wigs perm relative abundance take the same aesthetic compelling.

Women’s wigs like hair tie hair sister paper can try this simple girl wig hair long hair tied hair, bangs without refreshing the girls modeling delicate facial features perfectly revealed, then with high-tail in the form of long curly hair wig hair tie The same dynamic compelling.


Fresh low-key dark brown hair, but the most obvious sense of the girl’s simple and elegant, and then with a slight Partial oblique bangs broken hair styling and real hair wigs in the form of micro-hot design is also a celebration of the girls full of sweet and gentle wind.

Fashion brown hair color-based, and then with heavy design and Liu Qi pear  women’s wigs perm relative abundance take full gift girls lovely feeling, but also a simple repair Yen effect oh.

How to make stylish dreadlock wigs for women



Clean up the dreadlock wigs for women

Journal News (reporter Miao Xueyan) recently, a reporter visited the market foundthat wig custom are rising today, dreadlock wigs for women are no longer compensate for hair suppliesalso become fashionable hair accessories match. Reporters found that in a number of shopping malls have also been consumers got up and consulting custom wig problem.


Cover all your hair though  dreadlock wigs for women

According to the reporter, dreadlock wigs for women are divided into hand, half handwoven products, handmade and time-consuming effort, so the prices are also more expensive. However, according to reporters, wig market now range in price from hundreds of thousands of more well-known brands price tens of thousands. Cats on the day, journalists found to have more than one brand of wigs, but the price difference is verybig, from dozens of Yuan, hundreds of thousands Yuan.


Hairstyle disrupted and spray hair spray on the dreadlock wigs for women

Insiders said that sufficient independent research and development capacity now because the wig industry, so the dreadlock wigs for women has become the main means of competition. Worth noting is that rise of wig industry made some brands began to expand the layout. Fluorescent lamps, Rebecca wig brands already established in the country of nearly 200 stores, comprehensively covering one or two cities, layouts, high-end wig market.

About the history of dreadlock wigs for women

Dreadlock wigs for women has a different meaning and function

After years of searching and research I found making dreadlock wigs for women (dirty braid) hundreds of seed production method, found in different places under different peoples of different cultural backgrounds dreadlock has a different meaning and function, but they all had the same point: dreads have been endowed with a mysterious and powerful forces.


Dreadlock wigs for women appeared in African Prairie

Through check out information I found first of dreadlock wigs for women appeared in African Prairie, at of people and other animal with common rely on hunting life, at of male lion deserved of became has forest of King, they has amazing of power and guts, people think is God gives has it a species powerful of power people desire get this power, began looking for is what what gives has it this power, to get male lion Brown of feel, hope with this method get that powerful of power, such first of dreadlock wigs for women will formed has later many religious of doctrine is no cut sent and hurt skin of, many religious think these is God give of, human no right to change it, but in yiqian cleaning and talk himself of hair is a is trouble of things, As the growth of hair and beard and designer does not properly knotted phenomenon has appeared.


The symbol of  Dreadlock wigs for women

Vessels Shang of sailor (certainly also including pirate) total to in sea spent long of time, less is several months more is 1, 2 years not return away from has land also on means with away from has freshwater, at that situation Xia freshwater and orange almost and sailor are of life as important, So who also not luxury to with freshwater to wash head. known seawater alkaline very of big but we human of skin and hair belongs to weak acid, these problem let many sailor was headache, but some carefully of people found vessels Shang of black slave appeared such of situation to less of more, These are thanks to dreadlock wigs for women many sailor put hair tightly of wrapped around in has with makes bug greatly reduced in scalp Shang of survival space. and seawater of role and let hair very easy of knot, such in that era of sea prevailed up has dreadlock wigs for women


The development of dreadlock wigs for women

Black hair is the easiest natural dreadlock wigs for women they can through any other method have natural braids, but many blacks to make him even more rules and good inventions are a number of ways to create their dreadlock wigs for women hair. Actually China in is early also on has has dreadlock wigs for women, and in some historical of records Shang will found China many minority are appeared had certainly also including Han, and in Tibet, and Xinjiang also some southwest of area people like put hair tied into a root a root of pigtail.